Carmen Quinones for Cook County Judge

"When it comes to advocating for children and families in Cook County, Carmen Quinones is a Household Name"


As a Family Law Attorney for over 30 years, I first began as a general practitioner.  I had my office in the Humboldt Park and Logan Square area and attracted mostly criminal cases. I defended gang members and also represented clients in three murder cases. I represented litigants in traffic cases, bankruptcy guardianship and adoptions.  After approximately 5 to 6 years, I gravitated and concentrated in Domestic Relations or Family Law. Family Law is one of the most litigious area of law.  Several cases resulted in the death and murder or suicide of those I represented. I conducted many trials  by myself or as lead counsel.  The Family Law cases I handled included issues of property division, dissipation, custody, real estate, corporation valuations and pensions.  I also represented litigants in Domestic Violence Cases in the Criminal Division.   Also I was involved in appeals and argued before the appellate court where I won unanimously.

I have also worked as a Child Representative and Guardian ad Litem; in this capacity I was the eyes and ears of the court.  I participated in many hearings and trials wherein I questioned forensic experts, presented evidence and cross-examined witnesses. I conducted depositions and at times was deposed or had to testify at the trial itself.  As a Representative of Minors, I investigate the children’s homes and their care-takers and families.  In my roles as a Child Representative/Guardian ad Litem, I traveled across the United States including Puerto Rico and Hawaii, as well as outside to Mexico and Poland.

Interview with The Southland Journal