“Carmen Quinones has been found Qualified by the Chicago Bar Association”



As a Family Law Attorney for over 30 years, I first began as a general practitioner.  I had my office in the Humboldt Park and Logan Square area and attracted mostly criminal cases. I defended gang members and also represented clients in three murder cases. I represented litigants in traffic cases, bankruptcy guardianship and adoptions.  After approximately 5 to 6 years, I gravitated and concentrated in Domestic Relations or Family Law. Family Law is one of the most litigious area of law.  Several cases resulted in the death and murder or suicide of those I represented. I conducted many trials  by myself or as lead counsel.  The Family Law cases I handled included issues of property division, dissipation, custody, real estate, corporation valuations and pensions.  I also represented litigants in Domestic Violence Cases in the Criminal Division.   Also I was involved in appeals and argued before the appellate court where I won unanimously.

I have also worked as a Child Representative and Guardian ad Litem; in this capacity I was the eyes and ears of the court.  I participated in many hearings and trials wherein I questioned forensic experts, presented evidence and cross-examined witnesses. I conducted depositions and at times was deposed or had to testify at the trial itself.  As a Representative of Minors, I investigate the children’s homes and their care-takers and families.  In my roles as a Child Representative/Guardian ad Litem, I traveled across the United States including Puerto Rico and Hawaii, as well as outside to Mexico and Poland.


I’ve worked since High School.  I have worked with juvenile delinquents, criminals, gang members, gifted students and students with special needs. I have worked with all races and many nationalities.  I have worked in supporting political candidates and even assisted the Columbian Chamber of Commerce to put on their cultural performance at the July 4th parade in Skokie. I developed a Program designed to help rehabilitate the wards in the Virginia Correctional System and wrote the grant that supported it.

The diversity in this country needs more people of all backgrounds in the government and on the bench. They should have experience and wisdom to meet the challenges that the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd brought to our nation’s front door.  I have over many years developed the grace, humility and courtesy that will dignify the position of Judge.


As an attorney I have done extensive work on a pro-bono basis; lecturing at women’s shelters, assisting legal assistance agencies and the courts in serving pro-se litigants, mentored senior high school students for the Association House and Roberto Clemente High School,  as well as special education students and graduating seniors  at New Trier High School, I have been a member of the Child Representative Steering Committee and assisted in developing the training program for Child Representatives.

AWARDS:  I received the following: Certificate of Appreciation from the Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation, Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation Distinguished Service Award, Chicago Bar Association honored for my contribution in providing Pro-bono legal services to those in need, Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding contribution for the Court Facilitator Program and Dedicated efforts to help People in need of Guidance ( I received it more than one), I received an Honorable Mention at a Luncheon with Ltd. Governor, Pat Quinn and I received an honorable mention by Presiding Judge Dickler for my work as a Child Representative, I am on the Child Representative Steering Committee and I am involved with the Chicago Bar Association Lawyer-to­ Lawyer mentoring program.


Personally: I lost my only brother when he contracted Covid19 in March and passed away on May 24, 2019. It was a very difficult loss for me. He was a wonderful man, having served twice in Vietnam.

Due to my popularity as a Family Law Attorney my practice did not suffer as much as some. I had a lot of work and enjoyed the challenge of being creative in how to serve my clients and organize my business. Indirectly, the shutdown affected my practice in the sense that I represent a lot of children, as such It is very much like representing their entire family.  I wasn’t able to conduct as many home visits as I would have liked, zoom meetings with very young children was a challenge that had to be met. Many of the children I work with live in depressed areas affected by the pandemic as well as the violent demonstrations and the separation and inequality in our country.  I found myself approaching the cases in a more supportive manner and not just doing paperwork or research, but being their friend, supporter and counselor/lawyer.  Before and after the crisis in our country I have always held the belief  that we cannot allow families to be destroyed by a virus a government in flux or a divorce. We must offer families many choices that can result in the families remaining united and thriving with the knowledge that they are being supported by our political, judicial and social system of government.


I attended Illinois State University from 1966 to 1970 majoring in  Psychology & Education and graduated with honors. After I received my B.S.  I continued there in the graduate program in Psychology, I then transferred to Maryland State University. I was accepted in their Doctoral Program in Psychology and went there from 1970 to 1974. I then went to work for the Department of Corrections in Virginia as Manager/Supervisor and left in 1979 to go to Law School at John Marshall Law School.  I put myself through school my working career included the following;

Aside from working as a family counselor for an abortion clinic, I also worked for Head-start, Campfire Girls and a Project to deter Gang membership in Maryland. I then moved to Illinois where  I Taught Computer Training Program Students of the Association House who were attending Truman College and where I was involved in assisting Miguel Del Valle in his grass roots campaign for Senate. I was also a therapist at the Jewish Federation and  a manager for ATT